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  I pretty much only use olive oil when I cook.. I feel like polmice oil is a real nice all purpose oil. I once worked for an olive farmer in Italy that said no one in Italy wants pomace olive oil so they sell it mainly to the U.S. The other day I ordered […]


What’s the difference in white and brown eggs,why do they sometimes turn green,what’s the best way to peel an egg,what’s the difference between cage free and free range,how long do you cook eggs and how Long do they last? All this week on world gathering good food radio! Some more info… In a time of […]

Episode 11 – Rising Food Costs

The other day as I was issuing a food cost bill for a client. We both got sticker shock. The price index of meats, poultry fish and even eggs is almost 30 percent higher than last year, issuing the highest prices its ever been. The California food dream is looking to more in the form of a nightmare. […]