Destination: Chef

10 years in the making and “the book” is done, copyrighted, and for sale as of today!!

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These past ten years have seen me living in 4 cities: Louisville, KY (2005-2012); Miami, FL (2012-2014); Boston, MA (2014-present); Meredith, NH (summers 2011-present). It was almost like 4 lives and 4 worlds of friends. Some are gone, others are still around, and I have new amazing new people in my life that have appeared.
In 2005 I left the fine dining world and started a new life working for the Salvation Army Center of Hope homeless shelter. That job changed my life– it taught me that beautiful souls are everywhere, of every shape, race, age, and income level. It also taught me that most people who live in a shelter won’t put up with the military-like way that food service has traditionally been run.
The only way to get things done was to teach and listen to people with the respect and open heart they deserve. Even despite being the guy that removed the Coca-Cola machine from the kitchen in my first week and replaced the donuts with fresh fruit and organic milk, I left feeling loved and respected. Fast forward to October 2016: Destination: Chef, my long-awaited textbook of culinary and workplace basics, is born.
Thanks to all of you that I have met in one way or another over the years.
Thanks to Amanda Eaton my co-author for a great partnership.
Cheers to friends of the past, present, and future and for a day to remember!