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Timothy Tucker diversifies culinary education

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Chef credits Salvation Army for changing her life

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Food to Make Music To: Recipes from Three Mile Island

Check out Chef Timothy Tucker’s new book, Food to Make Music To: Recipes from Three Mile Island. Available now at amazon.com.

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Boston Radio

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I pretty much only use olive oil when I cook.. I feel like polmice oil is a real nice all purpose oil. I once worked for an olive farmer in Italy that said no one in Italy wants pomace olive oil so they sell it mainly to the U.S. The other day I ordered it from my food provider. I was stunned when I saw the words pomace olive oil compound. Even more so when I read the ingredients . 90% Lear oil 10 % extra virgin olive oil.
Lear stands for (Low Erucic Acid Rapeseed) Its rapeseed oil.rapeseed oil? The name was changed because no one wants to buy something called rape seed or Lear oil.
You know it as Canadian oil or canola oil, but hear is why you shouldn’t eat it. Its partially hydrogenated oil and 90% of Canola Oil is genetically modified. Oh the tricks they will play, but I’ll settle for Italy’s seconds any day.

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What’s the difference in white and brown eggs,why do they sometimes turn green,what’s the best way to peel an egg,what’s the difference between cage free and free range,how long do you cook eggs and how Long do they last? All this week on world gathering good food radio!

Some more info…

In a time of tight food budgets and no time to cook, let me suggest eggs as one of your weapons of defence. With 6 grams of protein per egg and the quickness of just 10 mins from a simmer.(I simmer it instead of boiling because it makes it easier to peel)

Eggs can really help you get you where you are going.They remind me of a steak in the way that if I feel depleted with in mins. I feel back on track after a few eggs.

Of course the best way to cool an egg is to simply put it in the frig.(easier to peel)

but in a hurry you can also cool it with cold running water.

When peeling an egg here are a few things you should know.

Although fresh eggs are what we all want, they are harder to peel.

Simmering them with a tablespoon of baking powder does help.

As eggs get get older they change from acidic to alkaline.

The effect is what Doctor S. meant by green eggs and ham. The cooked eggs can turn green. Eggs will last in the fridge for up to one week.

A deep yellow yolk does mean its fresher(vit.A)intact but it also can be what is in the feed.

Common chicken feed is things such as corn and alfalfa with flowers and red peppers to help with color and flavor.

Blood spots on the egg are not an unfertilized or diseased egg it is caused by a ruptured blood vessel on the yolk surface during the formation of the egg. It is safe to eat,but because most people don’t want to, egg companies try hard to remove them as they find them with their high priced machines.

Brown chicken are bigger than white chickens, hints more expensive because they cost more to feed. Otherwise Brown and White eggs are the same,its like comparing white and black people.

Cage free chickens have a floor system with an open barn. Often in closed quarters.

Free range are chicken that roam in and outside they eat bugs and often live on small farms.

Organic chickens can have any cage system, no antibiotics/ vaccines are not allowed.

4 boiled eggs(crushed) with 3 tablespoons of mayo and 1 tablespoon of dijon mustard with salt and pepper makes for a great egg salad that just about anybody can make fast and tasty.


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Episode 12 - Stop giving me choices and start giving me the good food gathering

One of the pit falls of American food is choices. Maybe the current spike in food prices will be a blessing for random fake food pioneers of the local mid-range hotel that offers a breakfast buffet illusion. Whats the personal accountability from the results of theses offerings? Lets talk about it, this week on good food gathering radio.


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Episode 11 - Rising Food Costs

The other day as I was issuing a food cost bill for a client. We both got sticker shock. The price index of meats, poultry fish and even eggs is almost 30 percent higher than last year, issuing the highest prices its ever been. The California food dream is looking to more in the form of a nightmare. It seems the drought and dried up fears of the U.S. power house state is coming to a reality. What I learned when peppering my food provider with questions was that the drought has caused the lowest U.S. cattle herd since 1951. Meaning things can’t recover quickly. I’m not a fan of bad news, so I put together a list of ways to save money while still eating clean meats.


Chef Timothy’s top 10 ways to save money while still eating clean meats and veg.

1. Buying in bulk!(get a chest freezer)
2. Cryovac bulk meats, breaking them down into easy to thaw sizes.
3 Shop in season at farmers markets.
4. Eat at home/ more often. processed foods are unhealthy(buy basic ingredients)
5. Grow your own food or go to farms where you can pick your own.
6. Don’t waste, always know what food you have and come up with simple ways to preserve it.
think of ways to brine or think :canning, pickling,and drying.
7. Label and date your food. So you know what you have.
8. Don’t shop hungry.
9 Make stuff (aka soups/chili/ smoked meats) then freeze them.
10 Make a shopping list and stick to it.

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Episode 10 - Rules to creating your own soup

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Episode 7

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Episode 6

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Episode 5

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Episode 4 - Sugar

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Episode 3

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WGGF - Episode 2

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WGGF Radio - First Installment

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